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Ready to do a little bargain shopping? The City of Wichita is making it easy for you to see where garage sales are taking place across the city through an interactive garage sales map. You can better plan which ones you would like to visit by checking out the list of available items and photos (if posted) for each sale. You also have the option to filter garage sales by zip code, dates and available items. Search results may be printed or downloaded into an Excel worksheet.

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Welcome to the City of Wichita’s online garage sales site! This site will help you purchase a permit online for your next garage sale or plan your next garage sales shopping spree!

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It’s now easier than ever to purchase a permit for your garage sale by taking advantage of the City’s online service. By purchasing a permit, you’ll have the opportunity to add information about your sale to an interactive map that lists upcoming garage sales. You can list when and where it will be held and the items that will be offered. Plus you can include up to five photos of your items! Anyone with internet access may check out the free interactive garage sales map. It’s a great, free way to advertise your garage sale! The permit is available to you for only $2.50 per day with a $1 credit card transaction fee.

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